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The Power of Masterminding...
Why is Masterminding so Important? 
We have all heard we are the sum of the 5 people we surround ourselves with 
That your "NETWORK determines your NETWORTH"

In marketing & in business especially ecommerce methods & strategies are continuously changing & evolving staying on top of these changes could mean the difference between winning and losing! 

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs & speaking 1 on 1 with some of the industries top performers I noticed a pattern. The guys & girls that succeed have a close network they rely on as well as a combination of mindset & skillset! This is why it is important to be apart of a mastermind where you will stay relevant & motivated!
What can I expect from Close Friend Secrets? 
  • New training monthly w/ Joshua Crisp! & other 7, 8 and even 9 figure Entrepreneurs!
  • Access to Private Instagram stories with exclusive resources, secret strategies and current information to increase your income, impact & influence!
  • Motivation & Accountability that will keep you on track to crushing your goals!
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  • Access Secret archive of all secret stories! 
  • Access to the secret archive of monthly mastermind calls! 
  • Access to advertise & network with other entrepreneurs & business owners within the private network!
  • Chance to win merch, courses, mastermind tickets, partnerships & More from Joshua Crisp monthly! 
What will be covered in the Close friends IG Group?
  • Business & Personal Credit: How to increase limits , use trade lines , travel for free , and other credit hacks!
  • Ecom Strategies: Up to date strategies and secrets that are working RIGHT NOW in shopify & amazon!
  • PPC/FB/YT/GOOGLE strategies & tactics: Increase ROAS decrease ACOS and MAKE MORE MONEY with secret strategies myself and my other top earning friends are using in ecom.
  • Travel Hacks: How I travel around the world practically free! Hotel / air bnb hacks, how to get 1,000's of free points , hotel and flight upgrades & more!
  • Email , SMS , Messenger Bots: How to increase your digital assets and then cross pollinate them to increase open rate %'s and explode your business! 
  • Real Estate Secrets: How to flip homes , secure deals , finance deals , create partner ships , house hack , Refinance , Raise funds , invest in multi family & WAY MORE!
  • Branding: The secrets 7 & 8 figure brands are using as well as the phycology behind branding and building brand notoriety & more!
  • Networking: How to increase your network and then increase your net worth by maximizing on networking in person and online! 
  • Motivation & Inspiration: You may think this is fluff but this will increase your happiness while making your business MORE successful! 
Unlike Most, I practice what I preach! 

One tweak, change or mindset shift can change the course of your business or life for the better! It has for me & that is the reason why my #1 expenditure is personal development! I on average spend $30-50K a year on masterminds, courses & events! I will be passing on all of the gems and nuggets I learn from top entrepreneurs in the world!
Here’s What Close Friends Are Saying!

The 1st Story Saved me $200!

I have been waiting for something like this! Joshua always dives deep on Real Estate & Amazon , Now we can learn good stuff he doesn't share anywhere else like travel hacks & marketing hacks! 

-Mark J. 

A 7 figure mentor for less than 1 Chick-Fil-A Meal! Uh, No brainer!

Joshua is knowledgable in so many areas which helps our business big time! Not to mention his passion keeps me and my hubby on fire! 

-Amber S.
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For any reason you are unsatisfied with this mastermind & wish to discontinue your access/ membership you can do so. There is no long term commitment and you can sign up monthly or pay for the year (for best rates). 0 Hidden fees & absoluetely NO fluff! 

This is a way for me to offer as much value to the public as possible and economically, as I understand people are in different levels of business some are starting and some are scaling which ever place you are in your journey you can greatly benefit from a community of like minded entrepreneurs & business owners! 

If you follow me closely you know I specialize in Amazon , branding & real estate however there is SO MUCH more that you need to know in order to build or grow a successful business! The last several years I have built up a 7 figure real estate portfolio while operating multiple 7 figure ecom brands while traveling the world & now you get to learn the secrets of how I was able to do this! 

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